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Seann Hicks

Agile Scientist and Software Developer


Seann Hicks //Agile Scientist

Seann Hicks has 25+ years of experience in software development. He has a Computing Science Bachelors Degree from the University of Alberta and was just finishing his B.Sc. when the World Wide Web was going online.

He is passionate about technology and finding better ways to get things done. He has embraced and championed Agile practices for their focus on Customer value, innovation and team collaboration. He is a Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner since 2007 and has run agile projects with large and small companies across various industries. His technical background is primarily and C#. He has worked on several Sitecore CMS Web Site projects and is a proponent of automated testing and DevOps.

His latest interests include Golang, static web site generators (like Hugo, which runs this site) and using Impact Maps to drive software requirements backlogs.

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I believe Agile Iteration is about validating assumptions and optimizing to meet business goals.